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  Serengeti Hunter ™     You have heard about this kind of knife. Your dad owned a great knife and now, you are going to own one. The great ones are passed down to the ones we love and you will be proud when the time is right, to pass this one to the next family member. The blade shown is our SanMia Pattern Stainless Damascus or it can be one of our many patterns. The bolsters and pins are 416 stainless steel. The tang is full construction tapered tang. The handle scales are in Desert Ironwood, one of our favorites. The scales can also be in any choice from Ancient Mammoth Ivory, Mammoth Tooth, exotic hardwoods,  African horn or North American horn. As always, it comes with our custom fitted leather sheath and a promise that it will never leave you disappointed wanting a sharp knife. This knife is right in any situation from camp to field. Dimensions are 8¾" overall and has a 4" blade. The Price is $475.00 plus shipping and insurance.