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 Steels and Patterns

To truly enjoy our steels, one only has to look at it. Each steel pattern is as unique as your finger print, with no two knives ever the same. This is not to say that we can't get close, but truly never the same. Each bar of steel is made by hand in an age old process of layering the steel by stacking, folding, twisting and other means of manipulating the steel to create a billet that is unequaled in beauty and strength. This process is known as Damascus and has been practiced by Master blade smiths around the world. Some of the most revered and feared knives known, such as the legendary samurai sword, have been made in this same manner. Our steel consists of two basic groups. The first being stainless steel Damascus and the second, a high carbon stainless mix. We also us the steel of other master steel makers like Mike Norris, Devin Thomas, Chad Nichols, and Damasteel. No matter which steel we use, you have our promise to stand behind our knives. Please find below a few examples of our steel patterns and of the fine knives we make from them. Should you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them for you.