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Stamascus Knife Works

Stamascus Knife Works is a life partnership of Ed VanHoy and his wife Tanya VanHoy. We have been designing and creating some of the finest custom knives known to todays custom cutlery market.

We specialize in one of a kind or limited edition runs and sets of the highest quality knives made to our customers design. We are only limited by the customer's imagination and their choices of materials.

We work in materials that are considered collectable and presentation grade. Both Tanya and myself are accomplised knifemaker/designers and metal engravers. Our greatest desire is to work for you, our customer, and to help you in the design of your knife. 

We will help you choose the materials to craft your one of a kind heirloom. The steel that we use in  our handmade knives comes from many sources including our very own hand forged Damascus Steel and the hand forged Damascus Steel of other well known steel makers like Mike Norris and Devin Thomas.

We also use a varity of other steels that we feel are superior in todays custom knife making steels.  A few of the steels that we us are: ATS 34, 30SV, 440 CPMV, D2 and the old favorite 154 CPM. Most our knives are of tapered full tang design or folding knives with bolsters of 416 stainless steel or stainless damascus bolsters. The handles are reserved to the customers choice of materials like Mammoth Ivory, Mammoth Tooth, African Horns, exotic woods, pearl and bone materials. Each of our custom creations are truly a one of a kind.

Each of our knives is hand balanced so that the knife feels like it is part of the hand and a true experiance to the user. Each knife comes in a custom leather sheath that is designed and form fitted to each knife. 

We also offer our customers other services that include engraving and gold inlay, scrimshaw, and textured carved leather, making your knife a once in a lifetime experience. As with all custom products, the knives are not made overnite and may require time of up to one year for delivery. However, we try hard not to make you wait too long.

Each of our customers are invited to come and visit with us in our studio and allow us to help guide you to the custom knife of your design. As always, we have our standard line that can be custom fitted to your desire.

We also list and update our inventory as often as time permits. We are more than happy to take more photos of any knife in our inventory, should you like a better look at our knives.

Our warranty is very simple. As long as you own the knife and are the original owner of the knife, we will take care of it for you. If you ever have a problem with the workmanship or materials, unless otherwise noted to you, we will repair the knife or give you your money back. We will clean, sharpen and refurbish both the knife and sheath as long and as often as you need, all you pay is the postage to and from our shop. Enjoy looking at our line of standard knives and engravings, and as always, we look forward to working to make your knife a true piece of working art for you and your heirs. 


Ed and Tanya      

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